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VIP Lotto company, according to the contract with the operator of the State Lotteries “Ukrainian National Lottery”, implements the project Quick Draw Lotteries in Ukraine. VIP Lotto uses the lottery platform and the games developed by the Ukrainian gaming laboratory SummusLab after careful research of modern market and the latest trends in the development of lottery products. Games are innovative, simple, understandable, have visual appeal, high chances of winning. The attractiveness of games lies including in a single result for the entire network, all players, which allows participants to play not with a server or a program, but with their luck.

Quick Draw Lotteries are the fast games each of them having animated drawing displayed on a TV. The Lotteries are designated for sale at lottery retails, betting shops, and also on-line on lottery and bookmaking sites.

A distinctive feature of these games is the presence of lottery, slot and bookmaker features in one game, at the same time being a lottery which is compliant to the law. These features give the games an effect of novelty and increases interest of a participant to these games. Most of the lotteries can be called Games of Chances in which numbers, balls, multipliers, etc. have different chances of being picked up. These games are rather exciting and let a player the opportunity to control the way how he/she wants to play - a bigger win with less chances or less win but with a bigger chance.

A player can watch a gameplay (animated drawing ) on a screen for a chance to win every 5 minutes draw. Payouts, odds, markets, mathematics, language, local features, logos and advertising of any game as a whole can be changed in accordance with the customer's wishes or the requirements of the law.